I started Budget Reboot during the 2020 quarantine as a creative outlet. I realized that it took me over a year to figure out my household budget following the move from a condo to a single-family home. While reflecting, I recalled that the first two years of parenthood were a fog, ie all I could focus on was staying employed, and keeping my twin babies alive and well. 

I was more prepared than most, but the more I reflected, the more I realized, I could have saved and invested more at many points of my adult life. I could have slow paid low interest debt and invested more. I could have helped others, including my husband.  

Now this is not your typical personal finance website. I’m not going to pressure you to meal prep, cancel your media subscriptions, or downgrade your home or car. That’s up to you. Personal finance is about choices and sometimes — sacrifices — which are usually short-term decisions. I see now that everything is temporary. For example, twin daycare is a painful check to write every month, but 1) I’m lucky I can afford it, and 2) daycare brings me joy knowing my kids are safe and socially engaged. 

Oftentimes the best teachers present with a firm yet warm demeanor; we hope to do the same here at Budget Reboot. My husband often says the truth hurts. Deep down, you all may know what you need to do to ensure your financial future is secure; the hard part is aligning with your significant other, making a plan that works for your family, and having the willpower to stick to it every month. 

Life isn’t about deprivation. But adulting is hard. We can do it together! As the Rolling Stones said, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find, you get what you need.