Daycare: More than your Mortgage?

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I’m a mom to boy-girl twins. Our parenthood journey began early in 2018, with a surprise trip to the hospital. We spent the next seven weeks driving to the hospital, where we were blessed to have the best nurses, respiratory therapists, and doctors taking care of our babies. We took them home and began the feeds every three hours.

We were lucky to have financial stability and decided to pay for night nannies twice a week. The first night I cried. I felt guilty, shouldn’t I be taking care of my babies, not these nannies? Every night after that, I slept eight hours straight through. 

I returned to work after 12 weeks home with the twins. I spent a lot of time interviewing nannies, conducted a background check, checked references, and she started. Our nanny was amazing; she took care of the babies and helped me. Unfortunately, she ended up leaving us just as we moved to a single family home. We had the transition of condo to house, nanny to daycare, and driving commute to a train schedule. I was very anxious. 

There were times when the cost of childcare was painful. I used to drive in my work garage and wonder how people afford fancy cars; then I reminded myself I’m blessed with healthy children, a safe home, and I never wanted a fancy car or designer goods. I want financial and personal freedom. That’s what Budget Rebirth is about — helping you figure out what you want, and planning your budget to achieve that goal. 

I still count the years until kindergarten. I can’t wait to renovate our bathrooms once daycare payments are over. BUT — every time I pick them up at school or read a newsletter, I smile. I’m reminded that again I helped my family by finding amazing childcare.

My mother once asked me : “do you worry about the kids when you’re at work.” Right away I said no, and I still say no. She said “that’s priceless.”

And it is, but having the privilege to pay for that kind of childcare is in itself a privilege and takes a lot of money. If you don’t have kids and want them, what are you doing to ensure you have childcare and the lifestyle you want? 

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